What Do You Need To DJ: Beginner DJ Setup


what do you need to djBuilding your first professional DJ setup can be a daunting task, especially if you’re just an aspiring DJ. To start your journey with great mixes, it’s important to consider the many things you’ll certainly need to get going before you make any purchases.

There are so many options for DJ gear and software platforms these days that making informed decisions about what sound gear to spend your hard-earned money on is a key step to building a professional DJ rig that fits your budget and skills.

So, to lessen your task, we have prepared a DJ equipment setups to guide as well as we have mentioned the top 3 best DJ setups for beginners.

What Is DJ Equipment?

what do you need to djThe number of options for DJ equipment can be somewhat overwhelming for a beginner, especially since the choice of equipment is critical to creating quality sound.

However, there are a number of essential tools you need to create amazing DJ sets and keep your audience entertained. So where to start? There are basic key pieces of equipment that are vital for a beginner DJ to mix music and perform on stage live. These basic pieces of equipment are as follows…

Input Devices:

An input device generally feeds songs & samples into the DJ rig. Such devices can be CD players, turntables, laptops, cassette players, or any other media player.

Sound systemS:

A primary sound system includes a stereo speakers pair and at least 1 subwoofer for better bass sounds. Such speakers are generally powered by 1 or even more amplifiers, as well as if it is a powered speaker, amps are in-built into the speakers. Professional DJs use extra patches or speakers in the PA system in the club.


A DJ mixer connects several input devices as well as lets the DJs toggle back & forth between the input sources. The best DJ mixers even allow the DJ to patch in using a microphone to communicate with the audience or also rap over the playing music.


Many DJs address the crowd in front of them at different points during a performance. Thus, DJs need a microphone that plugs into the mixer as well as an XLR cable to attach the mic.


Appropriate DJ headphones let you preview the music tracks as well as line them up at the precisely right time.

Essential DJ Equipment & Software for Beginners

There is a lot of basic DL equipment and software you need to have a blast. Beginner DJs should define their aims and set a particular budget for the right equipment. Know what equipment do you need. Here is a list below…

Best DJ Controllers:

what do you need to dj

To have an experience like streamlined DJ control, consider reasonable items such as the Pioneer DDJ-400 or DDJ-SB3-N models. Those on a fixed budget can even try to get the DDJ-200 model from Pioneer, while those who have no bounds when it comes to a budget can explore the DDJ-1000 SRT Serato DJ Pro model from Pioneer. The right DJ controller offers you easy-to-operate jog wheels as well as faders. Moreover, these offer you MIDI connectivity.

Best DJ Turntables:

what do you need to dj

A turntable is a device that DJs operate to produce prerecorded music for events and parties. The instruments are CD players. These come with a slip pad disc such as a platter on the analog turntable.

There is the turntable head, the radio DJ, the club DJ, and also the mobile DJ. One can specialize in any of one, however, a good DJ ought to be capable of working in a number of these fields.

Best DJ Software:

In their basic form, they are the virtual replica of bodily DJ turntables, along with 2 decks as well as the main mixing table.

It means you actually can either completely replace the hardware with DJ software, or you can pair your hardware with software. The advantages presented by pairing software are:

Track information

It is related to automation. Here the software surveys vital track information like key and tempo (BPM).


Several tasks manually executed can be automatically done by the software. Thus, you can save time as well as the consequences are always excellent.


For DVS DJ-ing, you’ve got a lot more power with software. For example, Pioneer DJ controllers control DJ software for an audio mixing console.

Best Monitor Speakers:

Monitor speakers allow you to hear the mixing. So, using the monitor speakers you can listen to the mixture you prepare to perform on stage. thus, it is a piece of must-have equipment for you.

Best DJ Mixers:

what do you need to dj

A DJ mixer is utilized to switch between 2 audio tracks simultaneously playing as mixers mix music. For instance, as soon as you wish to go from one song to another. This’s done utilizing a crossfader as well as is the key part of the DJ mixer.

DJ Mixers can come with media players connected to them or integral or the old-fashioned mixers can be operated with record players.

Ensure to buy a DJ mixer that comes with a USB connectivity system; these DJ mixers work as an audio interface for recording onto a PC. In case you’re planning to utilize DJ turntables as a music source, ensure to get a DJ mixer that can take RCA inputs.

Best PA System:

Whether you are a solo DJ performer or perform in a group, half of an acoustical duo, indulge in a little bit of street entertainer, or are a part of a complete-blown band, you are going to require a Public Address (PA) system.

Best Headphones:

High-quality headphones allow DJs to hear their tunes clearly and mix tracks accurately. This is one of the most important tools for finding the right time to rhythmically play songs.

When choosing headphones, it is important to consider comfort as one of the main factors to pay attention to. You’ll be wearing headphones for hours on end, so get a pair that not only reproduces sounds accurate, but is also comfortable to wear.

Flexibility is another important factor to consider. A good pair of DJ headphones won’t break even when bent into different positions, such as the Sennheiser HD 25 Plus. These are lightweight headphones with high sound quality.

The closed-back design provides effective noise cancellation, making these headphones ideal for use even in noisy environments. They also feature a rotating earcup for single-ear listening.

Best Input Sources:

what do you need to dj

Combining tunes requires at least two input devices, which can be either turntables or CD players. You can choose from a wide range of input devices that will allow you to mix melodies and collage tracks without a pause in the music.

For example, you can start with the Stanton T.92 M2 USB turntable, which features professional quality and a built-in USB port. The turntable’s USB port makes it easy to transfer vinyl records to your Mac or PC. With features like the pitch control fader, you can control the tempo without affecting the pitch.

Another advanced feature of this turntable is the S-shaped pickup, which minimizes distortion and reduces wear on the record.

How Much Does a Beginner First DJ Setup Cost?

what do you need to dj

The DJ equipment cost can vary from a hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. The DJ interface package price relies on the kind of equipment you desire. In case you own a computer already and want to operate a simplified setup, then you can simply purchase a basic controller only and headphones instead of buying a complete setup.

It is recommended not to invest in some high-end tools such as PA speakers and a DJ lighting system along with dance lights now as you are just a beginner.

When you begin from scratch, you will spend more time learning at the beginning, and thus, you will have better control over audio interfaces. Purchasing an all-in-one kit is easier as well as more inexpensive, but since it is a standalone piece, you won’t be capable of swapping for a song mixer with more parts, or a turntable with a more suitable feel and control.

Top 3 Best Budget-Friendly Sample DJ Setup For Beginners

Initially, there were no packages available for DJs which they can purchase and start their DJing. But now things are different and you can purchase a DJ setup to get the work done. So, here we have listed down the top 3 best budget friend sample DJ setups for beginner DJs. Let’s have a look…

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 Model

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 Model

CDJs from Pioneer is virtually the industry benchmark, and their extensive range of pro and mid-level DJ controllers are up with the finest on the market consistently. The DDJ-200 from Pioneer delivers a stripped-back take on the higher-end instruments with a simple mixer, jog wheels, and also performance pads that feel and look the part without overfilling beginners with complexness.

When it comes to the software, the Pioneer DDJ-200 model can be utilized with edjing Mix, Algoriddim Djay, or Pioneer’s personal rekordbox as well as WeDJ applications. The WeDJ application is an Android/iOS app along with some excellent tutorial features aspired at getting beginners up to pace with the DJing basics. The capability to step up to the better pro-featured software delivers a nice way into developed mixing as well.

The Pioneer DDJ-200 model is Bluetooth-supported to connect your laptops or mobile devices wirelessly, as well as its power needs are low. So it can easily run off of your portable USB charger. Its WeDJ app lets users mix with pieces of music from Beatport LINK or SoundCloud Go+ too – even though separate subscriptions to such services are needed.

The notable disadvantage here is the audio interface lack, meaning you will need a different instrument for an accurate headphones DJ setup/master out – which is reminisced in the lower price. There’s a separated audio cord included inside the box, which lets for a fundamental workaround to monitor music.


  • Mixer Channels: Two
  • Connectivity: Mobile, desktop (USB or BlueTooth)
  • Audio interface: nil
  • Deck control: Two
  • Outputs: no
  • Inputs: no
  • Software: WeDJ, Djay, rekordbox, edjing Mix
  • Works well with rekordbox
  • WeDJ app helps you to learn to mix tracks
  • Well priced
  • An audio interface is not available

Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

Numark Mixtrack Platinum FXThe Mixtrack range from Numark is among the more well-known names in entry-level DJing as well as always got a great ratio of components for a lower price. This setup’s latest addition is the “Mixtrack Platinum FX”, which might be the most acceptable deal yet as soon as it comes to DJ setup.

This Platinum FX from Numark is the top-end controller. It means that the device boasts pro elements like sizeable jog wheels, 4-deck mixing, hi-res shows, and mic input. Here FX means the addition of a wide range of cool remix/performance tools like Auto Loop, Hot Cues, Fader Cuts, and Sampling.

There is even a pair of nifty paddle switches created for quickly getting Serato’s built-in results. It all includes a potential pleasure, making clearly advanced DJ stunts easy to get.


  • Mixer Channels: Two
  • Connectivity: Only Desktop
  • Audio interface: Available
  • Deck control: Four
  • Outputs: headphone out, RCA out
  • Inputs: microphone in
  • Software: Only Serato DJ Lite
  • Control for 4 decks
  • Great effect controls
  • Packs in plenty of features for this price
  • Quite pricey

Native Instruments KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 Desktop USB Audio Interface


It is a third-generation, entry-level Traktor DJ controller that is among the most stylish-looking instruments you will find on the market at this price. It is sturdily constructed as well and surely feels more ‘professional’ than its price tag.

The controller is specifically designed for the Traktor ecosystem of Native Instruments. It is created to work with the cross-platform, Traktor DJ app which is beginner-friendly, and the more completely-featured Traktor Pro 3. It is one of the best DJ setups to have in this era.

However, it lacks the additional complex effect as well as sampling controls when it comes to larger Traktor controllers, there is still a lot for beginners & experienced here. It is far from the most inexpensive beginner controller, but it’s likely to benefit improving you even as your ambitions and needs grow.


  • Connectivity: Mobile, desktop
  • Mixer Channels: Two
  • Deck control: Two
  • Audio interface: Available
  • Inputs: microphone in
  • Outputs: Headphone out, RCA main out
  • Software: Traktor Pro 3 (complete license included), Traktor DJ 2
  • Includes a complete Traktor Pro permission
  • Stylish & well-built
  • Can work on both desktop and mobile
  • 2-deck only


Once you’ve got all the required equipment for starting your DJing, all you need to do is to come up with a unique name and you’re all set to take off your creativity. Normally, at the commencement of the journey, several things will be unspecified to you, however, self-education, digging for solutions on the internet, and discovering from other DJs will assist you a lot in the journey.

Hope this article helped you understand what exactly you need to purchase at the beginning of your DJing journey. Will these basic instruments you are surely going to have a blast. Best Of Luck with your new career!