Performance Video, Karaoke & MP3 Mixing

VJ6 combines ease-of-use, VMIX technology and a zillion powerful mixing features that takes digital DJing to the next level for professional and beginner DJs alike. VJ6 is so intuitive, you are mashing spectacular video mixes immediately after installation.

VMIX technology

VMIX is the foundation that drives VJ6 and provides you with a noticeably superior mixing platform that instills the “absolute confidence” you need in your Video & Audio DJ Software.

Cue, Loop & Slice

Auto cue, loop, slice and mash your video and audio mixes in perfect sync, with every beat.

Pin Point Auto-Beat Matching

VJ6’s LIVE auto-beat and auto-tempo detection allows you to instantly match the beats (BPM) of two tracks for a perfect beat mix. Just press the SYNC button and the 2 tracks are perfectly aligned.

Interactive Waveform Displays & Beat Grid

With grid-based BPM detection, video batch processing and waveform beat displays, VJ6 gives you a complete overview of a video or audio track structure and allows you to visually cue to specific points and anticipate prefect transition. Our ClubDJPro software will allow you to DJ like a professional with ease.

Mix with your favorite MIDI controller’s MIDI Support allows DJs to seamlessly integrate traditional “Hardware Mixing” with all the advancements and powerful mixing features of VJ6, DJ Mixer Software

Full Karaoke

VJ6 also offers karaoke hosting, for playback of MP3+G, CD+G, BIN, LRC and ZIP MP3+G karaoke files and displays karaoke lyrics on an external monitor(s).

Visualizations, On Screen Text Messaging, Image/Logo Overlay, Live Video Feed…

The ONLY DJ Software available that allows you to add stunning visualizations, text message your audience, display image & logo overlay to your live mixes.