Top 5 Best Turntables For DJs To Buy In 2022


best turntables for djsThe best DJ turntable setups for beginners — also familiar with the name turntable deck — will not just contain the record player.

Your kit should also contain headphones, a DJ mixer, as well as speakers. In case you are incorporating DJ software, like maximum professionals, you will also like a laptop.

This can easily get confusing. However, fear not: here is all you need to know about turntables before buying a DJ turntable for you. So, we have made a list of the top 5 best turntables for DJs to buy in 2022.

But before you jump into the list of the best turntables for DJs, let’s know what turntables are, what are the features, etc. first in this article below…

What Is In The DJ Turntables Setup?

best turntables for djs

Before choosing the most suitable DJ turntables for you, it is worth knowing a few objects about what should the DJ turntables contain to make a perfect turntable, as well as what you must avoid.

Essentially, there are some pieces of features that you must take on board before buying your DJ turntables:

Motor/Drive of DJ Turntable

Vinyl decks come with a very strong motor at the deck’s center that turns the vinyl records. To make sure that the vinyl record keeps turning countless times and continuously, the motor ought to be hard-wearing, durable, and powerful.

Maximum of the contemporary vinyl DJing decks come with brushless motors. This performs better also while wearing out as well as degrades much slower as compared to their brushed replicas.

Cartridge Of DJ Turntables 

The cartridge attaches to the S-shaped tonearm as well as houses the needle or ‘stylus.’ The cartridge is accountable for transforming the beats received from the stylus into electric signs. Those electric signals turn into the sound that we hear.

They’re huge different kinds of cartridges obtainable, from moving coil through to moving magnet.

Target Light Of DJ Turntables

A light that shines across the record’s surface is the target light. It allows DJs to notice where the louder and quiet parts of the music are, as well as the gaps between songs, etc. Quieter parts seem “smoother”.

A few are detachable; you can push them down on Technics decks to hide, as well as a button then pops them back up once more.

Speed Buttons Of DJ Turntables

Where you pick the turntable’s adjustable brake speed, normally a selection of 33 RPM or 45 RPM. Long records generally end turn at 33 RPM, while singles tend to turn at 45 RPM.

On a few DJ turntables, pushing them both at once sets the DJ turntable to 78 RPM which is the speed of an old record form.

Arm Of DJ Turntables

These deck arms are turned in 2 ways; one into an ‘S-shaped tonearm along with hydraulically damped lift control which is operated in classic techniques like straight or Technics. While there’s no specific evidence that demonstrates either 1 of them special to the other.

Maximum users demonstrate that straight arms of DJ turntables are more useful for scratching while some other users vow that there’s no substantial difference.

Platter Of DJ Turntables

The main function of the Platter is to hold the vinyl and thus, it needs to be balanced and straight with absolute accuracy. A well-balanced good DJ turntable platter will deliver the best output as well as offer fantastic performance everywhere.

Stylus Of DJ Turntables

The stylus is truly the needle at the cartridge’s end that runs along the grooves of the vinyl to chase the sound.

When the record spins, the stylus jerks along the grooves to send the electric signal required to produce the sound. The stylus has diamonds that make it ultra-durable and long-lasting.

Controls Of DJ Turntables

The vinyl deck comes with several different pitch control choices apart from its automated features in the turntable market. It is most important for scratch DJs.

RPM Of DJ Turntables

The RPM represents the number of cycles conducted by the vinyl deck per minute. Contemporary decks contain 33 to 45 RPM, however, they can go around 78 RPM for more aged vinyl records.

Pitch Of DJ Turntables

A pitch is utilized to modify the tempo as well as the track pitch.

Pitch Range Of DJ Turntables

The pitch range allows you to adjust the track pitch with a wide range or accuracy range. Often the pitch degree can be changed at an accuracy range of 8% or even below, or this can be accommodated to the wide range advancing as far as around 50% often.

Start & Stop Of DJ Turntables

A few popular vinyl records have 2 pairs of buttons that support both vertical and horizontal deck positioning.

Ways to Find The Best DJ Turntables

best turntables for djsDJing tools need to be selected carefully because of 2 main reasons.

  1. Choosing the wrong turntable won’t only make the mixing sound flawed but can affect the performance throughout a critical point in a mixture.
  2. Maximum DJ turntables come with a very costly price tag. Prices at $500 and above are standard for high-quality DJ turntables – even though we do have a few cheaper alternatives available too.

These are a few of the basic features that you ought to look for in your DJ turntable:

1 DJ Turntable Vs 2 DJ Turntables

It’s not required that 1 DJ turntable might be sufficient for your different needs DJing. In case you’re planning to join a versatile type of DJing, you may need a complete setup involving a DJ turntable.

On the other hand, in case you’re searching for a DJ turntable to allow you to learn sampling or scratching with a few types of vinyl, you can decide to purchase 1 DJ turntable.

Nevertheless, in case you’re planning for utilizing DJ turntables for a few gigs or wish to mix & mashup songs you’ll have to get 2.

Budget Turntables

Budget is one of the most significant factors that need to be assessed when purchasing a DJ turntable. There’re a few great quality DJ turntables that will cost you around $250 to $300.

Rather than simply buying the cheapest turntable, I generally suggest you do not spend less than $100 to $150. Any DJ turntable below that range will be crap.

Since with high price comes high-quality materials and superb features like a digital vinyl system, external vibrations absorbing power drives packed with digital music files, etc. That’s why it is recommended to spend a little extra to get a great DJ turntable.


Each DJ turntable is created differently and thus comes with different connecting prospects. A maximum of them link to a laptop or a computer, while others are prepared to work simply with DJ controllers.

So, before you purchase a DJ turntable, you have to imagine the type of setup you’re going to operate it with.

One of the most standard connectivity options includes USB, 3.5 mm, and also RCA.

Higher Torque Means Better Turntable

Torque represents how much energy the motor offers. Higher torque offers quicker start-up, and further opposition from the motor as soon as you slow down.

Purchase Direct Drive, Instead Of Belt-Drive

Well, belt-drive DJ turntables are terrible to DJ on. They’re spongy feeling, difficult to cue as well as a scratch on. Moreover, feel 10th-rate as compared to the direct drive of turntables.

The only viable advantage of using belt-drive DJ turntables is that as soon as you move up to the direct drive turntables, it will all turn a LOT more manageable.

Weight Matters

And heavier turntables are better. The lighter & flimsier the DJ turntable, the more sensitive to this it’s.

Go for a sturdy, heavy, well-built DJ turntable, particularly in case you are going to use it in some real gig positions.

List Of Top 5 Best Turntables For DJs

As we already know what to look for in the best DJ turntables, now it is time to see what are the best DJ turntables available in the market. Let’s get a sneak peek at the list of the top 5 best turntables to buy in 2022…

Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 Turntable For DJing

best turntables for djs

The increasing advancement in the demand and popularity of vinyl DJ turntables caught the engagement of several companies which shifted to manufacture more recent vinyl turntables. Nevertheless, the Pioneer PLX-1000 has managed to stand head over heels beyond the rest – with its unique features.

This model has been directed to as the ‘Beast’ who tested the system. It has been made similar to the series of Panasonic Technic as well as it manages to redefine turntablism along with a special finish, particularly durable components, as well as a unique finish and layout.

The turntable comes with a high-end motor (brushless) that delivers high torque as well as has been engineered finely for prolonged use and durability.

You can join it utilizing RCAs, either straight to phono ports given on mixers or you can interface in case you have a Digital vinyl system (DVS).

It even features multi-pitch tempo control to allow you to modify the pitch in a field of +/-8, 16, or also 50, permitting for powerful pitch variation with the turntable.

  • Class motor (brushless ) and other parts
  • Looks awesome
  • Minimalist & familiar design
  • Wide range of pitch faders
  • No creative features available in the machine

DJ Equipment SL-1210MK7 – Technics UK & Ireland

best turntables for djs

It has been the mark of a celestial DJ performance for more than a decade. The direct-drive motor f this turntable is perhaps its most prominent component. This was unveiled in 1970 for the first time.

The Technics SL-1210 MK7’s direct-drive design set a standard for durability and reliability. It remained ever since as well as keeps performing similarly for years.

The design has not changed much for over 40 years, besides a few insulator feet and tweaks to the cabinet to prevent more vibrations.

Consumer beware, this DJ turntable costs you a whole lot more than its competitors. In case you’re on a tight budget, you may need to look for some other products than this one. The SL-1200 is for DJs who mean severe business and not for beginners.

  • Fortified cabinet
  • Direct-drive motor without core
  • Professional quality
  • Aluminum S-shaped tonearm
  • Double-layer platter
  • Quite expensive
  • The cartridge is not included

Reloop AMS RP-8000 Advanced Hybrid Torque Turntable

The Reloop company has been dedicated to producing high-end as well as the most creative DJ types of machinery which even helped the company gain increased credit. The brand has delivered the finest DJ turntables that are familiar for their outstanding performance.

The most amazing thing about this DJ turntable is the combination of the features that make the turntable a better option than other DJ turntables available on the market right now. It comes with a straight arm to enable improved mixing and catches any hasty movement created on the vinyl deck.

Reloop AMS RP-8000 is typically a USB-compatible vinyl deck as well as comes with its cue, loop, sample, and also slicer controls. So, you can use DJing software such as Serato DJ. And this special feature makes the turntable easier for vinyl DJs and scratchers to operate CDJs or DJ controller decks.

Moreover, to make it further suitable for DJs, it has a USB connection that you can use to connect FOUR decks altogether.

  • Tempo display
  • Digitalized controller along with additional functions
  • Optimized for Serato
  • USB mode
  • Not found any

Stanton T62 M2 Direct-Drive Turntable

The Stanton T62 M2 is difficult to beat for what you get at the price. The DJ turntable has created for beginner DJs just bringing the game or individuals that want a proper turntable without paying a lot of money.

It comes with a strong direct-drive motor to handle mixing & beat juggling skillfully. Despite being affordable, it does not come with a minimalist layout and has a wholesome amount of elements for performance.

You can use it for simple vinyl listening, however, is honed explicitly for DJ usage. The setup of this turntable is the embodiment of simplicity, as well as the sound quality, is admirable.

  • Easy to use
  • Professional design
  • Great value
  • Fine sound quality
  • Simplistic setup
  • Straight tonearm
  • Straightforward vinyl turntable
  • Not perfect for simple vinyl listening
  • Mainly made out of plastic

Audio Technica – AT LP120 USB

This Audio Technica AT LP120 USB turntable is a state-of-the-art turntable design that incorporates commercial HiFi components such as USB recording with features that are powerful enough for DJ usage. The recording feature of the deck is allow through Audacity Production Software.

LP120 USB even plays at 78 RPM which is ideal for more aged vinyl. This utilizes its pre-amp to directly plug into the speaker tools that don’t have line/phono level switches. It combines a strong, high-end, and long-lasting motor along with a few great components.

It comes with a pitch fader to adjust between +/- 10 or 20% for mixing vinyl at various tempos. This comes with needles, cartridges, and heads in the package.

  • USB recording along with bundled software
  • 33, 45, & 78 RPM
  • Wide degree pitch fader
  • Classic design
  • Not appropriate for competition DJs


Some other best turntables for DJs are Denon DJ VL12 Prime, Serato DJ Pro, Reloop RP-8000 MK2, Audio-Technica AT-LP140XP, Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB, etc. These units will suit anybody who is still making their collection of records and wishes to have the choice to play their digital files using USB output and get high-quality sound.

Hopefully, the above info helps you to make a more acceptable decision as soon as you go for purchasing a reliable DJ turntable.