Top 5 Best Online DJ Courses Reviewed


best online dj coursesOnline courses for DJing are a helpful resource for mainly beginner DJs. It is a great course to get the basic techniques and skills required to become a fantastic DJ.

And fortunately, there are plenty of online courses for DJing available to pick from. Thus, it’s significant to choose one that is suitable for your level and needs.

We suggest picking an online course that comes with an aspect of interaction as well as feedback from the instructors of the course, and an online students’ community that is there for encouragement and advice.

Here we have decided to review some of the best online DJ courses for you that are presently proving famous and pick 5 of the most suitable at differing ability levels, to save you some of the legwork.

Thus, whether you are a complete beginner DJ, intermediate DJ, or a professional DJ searching for additional tips, these best online DJ courses will surely cover the bases as well as hopefully save you time digging through the multiple presently available courses yourself.

More About The Best DJ Courses Online

best online dj courses

The idea of DJing has been transformed dramatically over the previous decade with laptops, controllers, and innovative software taking the central stage with traditional CDJs and turntables, blasting the deterrent to entry into the game.

The modern age has pushed it and made it possible for anybody interested in the field to become a professional DJ. And taking advantage of this, Online DJ masters have created online DJ Courses.

With these courses, students are trained to do DJing exclusively using today’s advanced technology and equipment. The focus is on understanding the ideas of DJing, and not only the technology behind it.​

Qualifications Required To Become A DJ

best online dj courses

There are not any distinct certifications or qualifications required to become a DJ. If anything matters that is your interest in the field and your willpower.

As long as you are capable of entertaining the guests and putting on a pleasing show at the event, you will get a job.

And if you ask what qualification you need to get entry to the online courses then let me tell you that no course that we have reviewed so far, has any entry necessities.

All you need to have is just a love of music, an interest in learning DJing, the equipment, and the crowds are the sole prerequisites to be a DJ.

What You’ll Learn From An Online Course For DJing

best online dj courses

  • Key Detection & Harmonic Mixing
  • How to match beat like Pro DJs on compatible DJ units
  • How to operate EQs in mixes for unnoticeable and smooth transitions
  • FX tricks
  • How to create DJ sets
  • How to operate software to organize your music
  • How to get the first engagement as a DJ
  • How to record DJ sets

Software That Most DJs Use:

best online dj courses

For live concerts, most Pro DJs like to use one of the well-known 3 software which is:

  • Traktor
  • Serato DJ, or
  • RekordBox DJ.

Other software for DJing is also available such as Virtual DJ (the best option for karaoke DJs) as well as simpler packages such as DecaDance are functional for basic DJs.

Moreover, music production expert DAWs such as Pro Logic and Ableton Live tend to be the go-to options.

Ableton even permits a DJ to execute their modern productions live or they can remix on the stage.

Top 5 Best Online DJ Courses

In case you are struggling with DJing, and now want to discover more state-of-the-art techniques, or simply want to advance your understanding of DJing, among the courses mentioned below will help get the goal.

Here we will help you determine the best DJ online lessons for your present needs and stage of development.

Point Blank DJ Skills Online DJ Course

best online dj courses

It is a course for DJing that provides you with the creative and technical concepts you will need to become a skilled DJ and play your live sets throughout the world. You will discover how to use DJ industry-standard instruments such as Pioneer Rekordbox DJ.

With the student list with both producer Patrick Topping and Goldie, the Point Blank music school is among the most conceivable online DJ lessons.

The Point Blank’s student network with entry to weekly masterclasses, technical WhatsApp groups, as well as a forum for students is just unrivaled.

Many would claim that this 3-month course is value for every cent, even in case you are not into the sociable side of things.

In case you’re a beginner DJ worried about the massive level of investment needed, you might better be looking at a few free resources.

This’s among the most useful djing courses available online as well as not just teaches you the state-of-the-art techniques but even the entire logistics of organizing your library & also the gigs you recreate.

In case Goldie can be trained by these fellows then I am confident they can even teach you something worthy.


  • Diploma on completing the course
  • Weekly classes online
  • A 3-month live practice.
  • Bi-weekly One-on-One online masterclasses and sessions
  • Experienced tutors including DJs from Ministry of Sound, Wu-Tang Clan, Scratch Pervert DJs, and Space in Ibiza
  • Expensive for beginner DJs as it is available at $450
  • Aspired more in Hip Hop market even though other Point Blank state-of-the-art courses are likewise available Online DJ Course

best online dj coursesWhether you are just discovering the strings or trying to sharpen your craft as well as become a phenomenon, these online courses are completely equipped to make you one of the best DJs in the world.

Of all the online courses we reviewed, it’s the most in-depth one as well as it focuses on the craft of DJing solely.

The DJ Courses online platform offers a sharp focus on DJ mastery and the details of every part of DJing techniques.

Some of the DJing techniques the DJ Courses online course covers contain:

  • Mixing in key
  • Beat matching
  • DJ equipment
  • Song structure
  • Effects
  • Use of EQ
  • Samples
  • Loops
  • In-depth grating techniques
  • Backspins

All the primary DAWs get covered including Traktor, Ableton Live, and also Serato.

The main tutor, DJ TLM holds more than 25 years of knowledge in the DJ industry both as a producer and DJ, with other instructors including a permitted Ableton teacher as well as a former worker of Native Instruments.

Offered in an easy-to-follow structure, with more than 100 hours of content, DJ courses online deliver a money-back guarantee (30-day) in case you are dissatisfied. Moreover, it offers you an amazing email support choice as well.


  • Unlimited entry on-demand to one of the courses given there
  • 14-complete courses for all skill levels of DJs
  • More than 100 hours of recorded videos
  • Ableton Live presentation course is also available
  • In-depth & even covers subjects such as Career tips and DJ branding
  • Works on both desktop and mobile platforms
  • Not well-known name DJs as tutors such as many of the competition courses
  • No option to buy a lifetime subscription
  • Only monthly payment
  • No certificate is given

Armin Van Buuren Masterclass Online DJ Course

Armin Van Buuren Masterclass Online DJ Course

Production of music is a considerable part of becoming a DJ in this technological modern age. I hope you all know that Armin Van Buuren is a famous and well-known DJ and producer who has received the world’s best DJ award 4 times and also has been nominated for a Grammy award.

In case you’re interested in EDM or trance music production, then this course for DJing is perfect for you.

With state-of-the-art courses that utilize Pro Logic or Ableton tools, you can discover many of the techniques of Armin Van Buuren while making your next production or music set.

The subscription to this course will even let you buy additional access to state-of-the-art courses from Timberland, deamau5, and so many more.

However, be mindful of how many add-ons you are purchasing and if you truly need all the courses for DJing or not.


  • A yearly subscription plan starts from only $15 per month
  • PDF workbooks can be downloaded to use anywhere on the go
  • An on-demand DJ course. Pick how long and when you wish to learn for
  • It covers playing dance music and also remixing live
  • Learning from among the best with state-of-the-art courses that uses Logic
  • Masterclass subscription pushes too difficult to sell other classes too
  • Perhaps a little bit too trance-orientated for a few DJs

How to Become a DJ Online DJ Course

How to Become a DJ

Learn DJing online: This top-rated, best-selling, Udemy online DJ course is a full masterclass with a total of 11 hours of high-quality, original instruction.

It is infrequent to glance at any of the finest online courses without one Udemy course cutting up. Generally, Udemy is the head in the online classes market with several varied topics available.

They’ve different DJ resources obtainable, even containing a Wu-Tang Clan class for the finest in hip-hop.

Udemy begins by describing all the terminology of DJ which is quite confusing for beginner DJs or the beginner music production industry.

Following this, you’ll learn the fundamental techniques before a tutor will explain how to create an interesting playlist as well as Dj strategies for recreating live.

Finally, you’ll learn state-of-the-art techniques to include showmanship to the DJ sets as well as more accuracy.

This’s the exclusive course from beginning to end as well as will allow any beginner DJ to make a set that everyone will remember.


  • Tutors are functional to reach out to respond to any questions you have
  • An 11-hour online course obtainable on demand
  • Full access to more than 51 lectures
  • Demonstrations at each step make it more manageable to obey the course
  • Every subject is covered from start and requires no earlier knowledge
  • No certificate is given at the end of the lesson
  • Can be costly for several new DJs

SkillShare: DJING LIVE: From Setup to Soundcheck Online DJ Course

SkillShare: DJING LIVE: From Setup to Soundcheck Online DJ CourseThis DJ course is absolutely a must-have one for any hip-hop DJ aspire. Perfect for any novice DJs or for those people at a middle level it can direct you from the beginning of setting up the DJ tools for live concerts.

In case you are searching for the best online course for the foremost hip-hop DJ sets, this’s a stable course for several beginner DJs.

Accountable for several of the greatest hip-hop hits from DJ jazzy jeff, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce, DJ Guru is surely a legendary creator.

From the all-around form to soundcheck this DJ course will ensure your next party is tilting.

Just do not expect a complete guide to further state-of-the-art techniques, there’re a few better skillshare DJ courses obtainable for DJ procedures out there that are accessed via this app.


  • The best DJ course for absolute beginners picking their new tools and also how to set the tool up
  • A very prevalent course with more than 5000 students as well as a satisfaction 91% rating for DJ techniques
  • Projects are handed out for learners to advance their mastery
  • As among the top audio engineer, Young Guru offers unrivaled guidance on the DJ setup
  • Not very hands-on as compared to other DJ courses
  • Only covers the setting up the tools as well as the software
  • Does not cover beat matching


As soon as you are in the need of the most suitable DJ course online, it can be difficult to pick from the vast options available there. After all, maximum DJ courses online are quite expensive (approximately $50 to $150 generally).

We hope we have assisted you to find the best online DJ courses for your requirements and preferences in this article.

In case you are looking for a general music course or a music production course, do not forget to check out our guidance on that subject.

All the best! Hope you will learn everything from the best online DJ Course mentioned in the article above.


Q. What is the best online DJ course?

A. Well, it is hard to name only one course to be the best one. Since there are many online DJ courses available and some of them give you plenty of things under one course. Some of such online DJ courses are as follow…

  • Point Blank DJ Skills
  • SkillShare: DJING LIVE: From Setup to Soundcheck
  • Armin Van Buuren Masterclass
  • How to Become a DJ – Learn How to Start DJing Online Today.

These courses will help you learn at your own pace. Become a Millionaire DJ one day with the help of these online courses.

Q. Are online DJ courses worth it?

A. In case DJ online courses can assist you to play live sets more confidently and help you to figure out what “style” will be faster for you, as well as help you to achieve goals as soon as you complete the course, then Of Course, – Online DJ Courses are worth it.

Q. Can you learn to DJ online?

A. Of course, you can. There are several online courses available for DJing that offer you a great opportunity to learn DJing online. There are both paid and free online DJ courses and pro music production course material available online that will help you learn DJing and enter the music industry or DJing industry.