DJ Software that delivers beat pounding video and heart pumping dance mixes.

NEW for 2014, VJ7 is the most responsive and performance driven mixing software - for both Mac and Windows users.

Loaded with ClubDJPro's new VMIX 2.0 (video mix engine), Vinyl Scratch integration, pin-point beat matching, interactive waveform and full MIDI controller support, VJ7 takes your mix sessions places no other DJ platform can.

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VJ7's intuitive interface allow's you to easily cue, loop, slice, scratch and mash your video and audio mixes in perfect sync.

VJ7 has everything you need to create super tight DJ mixes. Whether you are spinning at a club, DJing your next house party, or video mixing at a wedding bash - VJ7 has gives you the mixing tools to ignite every party!

Mix your way...

Our all new mapping feature allows you to easily map any MIDI device into action. You may even connect up to 8 MIDI devices at the same time, and take total control of VJ7 through your Mac or PC.

Whether you choose to beat-mix with your favorite MIDI controller or use as a standalone mixer, VJ7 empowers you to mix ‘your way’.

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At, we work tirelessly to create the world's most innovative and creative mixing solutions for proffesional DJs. We measure our success based on yours.

DJ Mixing Features Include:

PC and MacNEW - Now available for both Mac & PC
Video, Karaoke, AudioFull Video, Karaoke and Audio support
VMIXNEW - VMIX 2.0 High Performance Video Engine
Vinyl SoftwareNEW - Vinyl audio & video scratching
Beat MatchingNEW - Pin-point Auto and Manual Beat Matching
MIDI ControllerNEW - Auto MIDI Controller Intigration
WaveformNEW - Beat Grid with Interactive Waveform Display
Drag and DropDrag and Drop Media Library
Record CaseTree view record case
NEW Video Mix SoftwareNEW - Record both your Audio and Video mixes
NEWNEW - 6 Video Mix Transitions
FREE DOWNLOADNEW - 8 Stunning Video FX
FreePrecise playback control: play, pause, position,
TempoTempo, pitch, pitch bend (Audio/Video)
LooopingLooping & Mixing Controls
Dual InterfaceIntuitive Dual Deck Interface
CueCue Point Selection & Markers
DJ MixingView All Mixing Features

"Immediately after giving VJ7 a spin, I nuked all my other DJ software programs...
VJ7 is the Full-Meal-Deal!  - 5 out of 5 Stars"   

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